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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Nov 13 Bulldog English Bulldog Puppies Dallas, TX $0
Nov 13 Mastiff English Mastiff Puppies for sale Milford, PA $900
Nov 13 Siberian Husky Cute Siberian husky puppies available Fargo, ND $300
Nov 11 Pug Akc brindle Pug Mineral Wells, TX $1000
Nov 5 Shih Tzu GORGEOUS SHIH TZU PUPPIES Cypress, TX $599
Nov 5 Maltese Maltese Bentonville, AR $200 NO
Nov 2 Any Miniature Yorkie/Poodle Mix Puppies Brocton, NY $0 NO
Oct 28 French Bulldog Beautiful French Bulldog AKC Registered Johnstown, PA $0
Oct 20 Pit Bull Beautiful pocket bully puppies Pembroke, NC $200 NO
Oct 18 Any rehome our 13 wees old husky...(762)43 Charlotte, NC $300
Oct 18 Boston Terrier ISO Boston Terrier Kansas, OK $0 NO
Oct 17 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire terrier for sale Riverdale, MD $0
Oct 17 Shih Tzu beautiful male shih tzu puppy Cypress, TX $599
Oct 17 Bulldog .Pedigree English bulld Cary, IL $600 NO
Oct 16 Shih Tzu Imperial Shih-tzu babies!! One blue male London, KY $900
Oct 16 Labrador Retriever Free to good home Murphy, NC $0 NO
Oct 15 Other TEACUP YORKIE POO MALE Newnan, GA $650
Oct 12 Bulldog AKC English Bulldog Puppies Warfordsburg, PA $1650
Oct 12 Bulldog Cute French Bulldog Puppy Available Chicago, IL $700
Oct 11 French Bulldog French Bulldog Puppy Tallahassee, FL $360
Oct 10 Boxer Boxer Puppies Kittanning, PA $700 NO
Oct 10 Basset Hound basset hound puppies Pearland, TX $750
Oct 10 Mastiff English Mastiff Puppies for Sale Milford, PA $900
Oct 10 Any Border Collie Pups - Merle, Red, B&W Carthage, NC $800
Oct 9 Weimaraner Silver Weimaraner For Sale Lancaster, KY $500 NO
Oct 8 Any Shobby Carrollton, TX $60
Oct 7 Doberman Pinscher Insert title here. London, KY $750
Oct 5 Great Dane akc great dane pups Eldred, NY $700 NO
Oct 5 Boxer BOXER PUPPIES Poteet, TX $20 NO
Oct 4 Rottweiler German Rottweiler puppies for sale. Charlotte, NC $2500
Oct 4 French Bulldog French Bulldog Puppies Acworth, GA $300
Oct 3 Yorkshire Terrier **Tea..Cup..yorkie..Pups ** Carrollton, TX $300
Oct 2 Rottweiler German Rottweiler puppies for sale. Greensboro, NC $1500
Sep 28 Poodle Toy Poodles Asheville, NC $400
Sep 27 Dachshund Whiskers is a very cute red mini doxie. Indianapolis, IN $400
Sep 6 Chihuahua Tiny Tea-Cup Chihuahua pups ( ONLY MALES McDonough, GA $350 NO
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